1. Mark every instance of a drug class, non-drug treatment, or drug

    Eg- monoamine oxidase inhibitors

    Eg- pancreatic resection, speech therapy

    Eg- compound PS-341, bortezomib, or Velcade

    --Keep in mind, drugs can have many different names

  2. Use the minimum span needed to encompass multiple terms of a Drug, drug class or Non-Drug Treatment.

    -- For drug therapies or regiments, just mark the drug name. Do not include the terms ‘therapy’ or ‘treatment’

    Eg- Mark: Penicillin regimen, NOT Penicillin regimen

    --For other treatments, include the terms ‘therapy’ or ‘treatment’ only if they are part of the treatment name

    Eg- Mark: graduated exposure therapy, NOT graduated exposure therapy

  3. Mark each instance of a drug, drug class, or non-drug therapy separately or in a separate span.

    Eg- Mark: compound PS-341 or Velcade NOT compound PS-341 or Velcade

  4. Mark each instance of an abbreviation of a drug, drug class, or non-drug therapy

  5. If you suspect an unfamiliar term of being a drug but are unsure, check here: drugbank.ca or on Google or Wikipedia (for drugs under development) or or visit our new Wikia forum for help