1. Mark every instance of a Gene or Gene Product (like proteins or MicroRNAs)

    --This includes Gene or Gene Product names and symbols

    Eg- Caveolin1 gene or CAV1 protein

  2. Use the minimum span needed to encompass multiple terms of a Gene or Gene Product.

    Eg- Cluster of Differentiation IV gene or CD4 protein , NOT just Cluster or Differentiation IV

  3. Mark each instance of a Gene or Gene Product separately or in a separate span (if an instance has multiple words

    Eg- RasGAP (GTPase activating protein of Ras) prevented indirect activation of PDGFRβ

  4. Mark each instance of an abbreviation of a Gene or Gene Product

    Eg- AKT levels may affect PIM1 expression in

  5. Don't highlight generic terms like 'gene' or 'protein' unless they are part of a gene or protein name

    Eg- Heat shock protein 90 is correct, but NOT CAV1 protein

  6. If you suspect an unfamiliar term of being a gene/gene product name or symbol but are unsure, check here: genenames.org or ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gene/ or visit our new Wikia forum for help