You have spoken, and we’d love to hear more!

So far, we’ve heard from quite a few of our Mark2Curators offering a number of great suggestions, and pointing out bugs that need to be fixed. Currently, we have plans to make the green and blue more distinct (thank you all for pointing this out to us!), but what should we tackle next? There are just too many features we’d like to add, it’s really hard for us to choose! Help us with this! Please vote for the feature you’d love to see next in our user poll. The survey will only be available until noon on Wednesday, June 10th, so act now!

If you’ve been away from Mark2Cure for the last week, Max has just added some new features:
-Doc set descriptions (now you can see why a group of documents was chosen)
-Community progress (how close is a doc set to completion?)
Both features visible by clicking on the blurb under each doc set title in the dashboard.

We’ve come a long way since our launch, and still have a long way to go. If you haven’t joined the campaign for NGLY1, please join now! We could really use your help in this campaign. If you’re hesitant because you don’t have a science background, take the leap. You really don’t need a science background to help. You just need to 1. be willing to learn, and 2. want to help.

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