New doc set! It's a small one, but we can't finish it without you!

Our new doc set is focused on misfolded proteins and the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell and can be affected by the ER stress response. As mentioned in our Oxidative Stress doc set, ER stress can be triggered by protein misfolding and the aggregation of misfolded proteins. Deficiency in N-glycanase 1 is expected to result in the aggregation of N-glycosylated proteins. Does the literature surrounding protein misfolding and mitochondrial function hold clues about the mechanism of disease progression in NGLY1 deficiency? Mark the docs to help us find out!

Our oxidative stress doc set is almost half complete! It’s nearly as big a doc set as the Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation set was, so everyone’s contribution will make a huge difference towards the completion of this set.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who has helped us to get the word out. If you joined us thanks to Matt Might’s or Crowdflower’s blog post, welcome!!! We’re thrilled that you’ve found us and look forward to interacting with you in the future!

Thank you all for continuing to inspire us!

Why Mark2Cure? In your words:

“To help narrow and connect the prolific amounts of researches that are done in this world and hopefully be a help to the medical community and simply help lives.”

“to learn more, become a more well-rounded student, and contribute to the community”

“What motivates me is for future generations to able to have the resources to over come anything.”

edit--(2020) Crowdflower has been acquired by Appen so the original link to the crowdflower blog post was broken and has been removed.

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