Max to speak about Mark2Cure at SDBUS

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you all for your contributions and feedback to Mark2Cure. Mark2Cure has changed so much since the beta experiment and it’s all thanks to you! The improvements in Mark2Cure would not have happened without your input.

Our Eeyarestatin doc set now has 1 completed quest and is 70% complete! Check out the network that’s starting to come out of it, and watch the network grow by helping complete the other quests!

If you’re in San Diego on December 2nd (next Wednesday), you can attend Max’s presentation about some of the technical aspects of Mark2Cure! Max will be speaking on behalf of the Su Lab for the San Diego Bioinformatics Users Series. Attendance is free, but it’s at UCSD, so parking might not be. If you’re interested, you can register here: .

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