Join Mark2Cure and Dazzle4Rare

From August 13th to August 20th, Mark2Cure will be participating in the #Dazzle4Rare campaign to raise awareness for rare diseases. Did you know? About 10% of the population lives with a rare disease, and roughly 50% of rare diseases don’t have any sort of disease-specific foundation to support or research those diseases. See more interesting statistics about rare disease at Global Genes.
If you have a rare disease story you would like us to highlight for the campaign, please get in touch!

What's new in Mark2Cure?
The EDEM1 Entity Recognition mission is over 95% complete, please help us finish it so we can launch the next one. If it seems like we’ve been quiet lately it’s because we’ve been preparing for some major updates. If you’re curious about what’s in the pipeline or would like to preview/provide feedback for potential future interface designs, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Your feedback is how we improve! If not for our many marvelous Mark2Curators providing constructive criticism, Mark2Cure would be a clunky and more difficult to use platform.

Speaking of our volunteers, citizen scientists, participants, contributors, volunpeers, and Mark2Curators…there was an interesting discussion earlier today within the citizen science community on the best way to address the amazing people who help make science happen. In fact, a bunch of researchers even wrote an interesting paper about the pros and cons of different terminology

Which takes us to our current poll.

Lastly, there is an ongoing effort to increase discussion, collaboration, and cooperation within the citizen science (or whatever you wish to call it) community. This has led our friend Alice to introduce #CitSciStories. You may think that your contributions to science in your spare time are no big deal, but from the perspective of the researchers who rely on these are amazing! Inspiring! Awesome beyond words! We love what you do and we love learning from you and getting to know you. If you'd like to share your story and inspire others to help science, please get in touch with Alice (@PenguinGalaxy). You can learn more about the #CitSciStories effort, here.

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