Can it be done? Can we finish 15 quests this weekend?

New features and fixes: Earlier, we introduced the document-specific ‘talk pages’, without too much fanfare since we wanted to ensure that it was working properly. Now that we’ve seen a few users jump in and demonstrate that it seems to be working properly, we invite you all to discuss the annotations on the documents you’ve completed. Thank you, bill, klgmd, edward, derosa, and kagaku for trying out the talk pages and posting really useful suggestions, tips, and questions. We can’t tell you how to do every single document, else we’d have already done them! But, with your help, we can all learn and improve with every doc!

As many of you may have noticed, the pre-population of the annotations wasn’t working properly for the last few weeks. Fortunately, this issue has been fixed.

We’ve also added a quick difficulty rating for each doc-set as a whole. Naturally, each set will have a good mix of docs of different difficulty levels.

New Mark2Cure Developer: We have a new developer who will be working to greatly expand the capabilities of Mark2Cure. Like Max, Jennifer will be working stealthily behind the scenes and we are excited to have her join us.

New Goal: It’s just for this weekend, though. The CDG doc set is at 97% and we’re aiming to finish it! Whether or not this happens is completely up to you, so please join us!

It’s Friday so our #WhyMark2Cure pic of the day must be fun! Though the rationale is from one of our awesome Mark2Curators, the pic is from our lab. If you have computational chops, and think you’d like our kind of lab, join us

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